Comparing yourself to Social Media

‘It’s not impossible, it just takes longer than you think’

Have you ever looked at someone’s social media and wish you looked like that and wondered why you don’t look that way, despite your best effort?

I recently came across this quote while scrolling through Instagram and it’s something that really resonated with me. I make it no secret that I get frustrated with social media and the image it can create, misleading many into unrealistic expectations of what it takes to get into shape and look like their idol.

Many people try and ‘fail’ regularly on their mission to achieve their dream body. Notice I placed the word fail in quotation marks. This is simply because you haven’t failed, you just haven’t given it enough time and in many cases, enough effort.

For some results can come easier, some have to work harder, longer and more intensely but anyone who achieves their goals whether in business, fitness, family etc. all have a great work ethic and a ‘WHATEVER IT TAKES’ mentality.

IT TAKES TIME….and a LOT of hard work!!!

Simon SInek recently did a talk about social media (millenials in the workplace – Youtube); the instant gratification we gain from it and how it has made us a society that wants things right now! – the body, the house, the car, the promotion etc. This is because we are used to seeing a picture/video on social media and are either totally eluded to the ground work that has gone into achieving what it is you see or are being misled by the company/person selling you the product.

The perfect example – you see the perfect model post about booty tea’s and you assume she has got in shape by drinking them. The very fact we aspire to that look leads us to believe that the product is a valuable investment to our journey, and in actual fact, going back to the Simon Sinek talk, requires very little effort as we can achieve it with little effort, just as simple as buying a tea and sticking to the plan it says and you’re on your way. Only for the result not to match that of the cover model, leaving you to believe you have failed and are destined to be unhappy with your shape for good.

It frustrates me that people advertise their hard work down to something so fake and undermine the hard work they have put in, BUT, at the end of the day, they are trying to make a living so the endorsement is either paying their bills or saving them money buying products.

Social media is a great place to help keep people connected, inspired, informed and motivated but you have to see it for what it is and not compare yourself to anyone on there and understand that there is no quick and easy way to do it, it won’t happen in weeks or months and you will only ever be a better version of you.

Find what works for you in terms of getting you exercising and learn from anyone and everyone and if you are going to compare yourself to someone or try to emulate them, focus on their work ethic, aim to emulate their form, intensity and commitment in a way that way you can actually apply it to your life, rather than be demotivated by not looking like they do.


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