Health, Fitness and Frustration

Does hard work pay off?

‘It will never happen for me’, ‘my body just doesn’t respond’, ‘I’ve tried everything ‘, ‘I just have bad genes’, ‘I’ll never look like that’

Have you ever said any of those to yourself? …

Let me clear it up for you, there all utter bull sh*t!

We all have the ability to achieve the goals, health and image we want, we just have unrealistic expectations of how it’s achieved. I can’t blame people for this, as we are ultimately surrounded by world class bodies which tell you it’s easy, 10 minutes a day, get lean in days, weeks etc. It must be true, the guy and girl on the picture look incredible, so if you fail, it’s your fault.

This makes me extremely sad because 1. I know what it takes to get there and when people back it they discredit the work they put in and in return create a fallacy, all for free supplements or a quick paycheque. I’ve worked on my physique for 10+ years and would be down right offended if someone told me it was only 12 weeks work. Then there is the fact that so many of you struggle to get anywhere because you have unrealistic ideologies of what it takes, then when you do then plan or 10 min workout, eat well for a week and don’t see results, punish yourself and end up worse off.

The reason people tell you it’s easy and will happen quick, is because it beats the reality which many don’t want to face. IT”S HARD and IT TAKES TIME.

Transformations can be awesome, getting better in 8, 10, 12 weeks etc. BUT, its a stepping stone, not a one off ‘this is all it takes’ plan. So stop comparing yourself to the pictures, your IG idol and understand that it will take time, results along the way will keep you going, but you will ALWAYS want more, it’s hardwired into us.

I know from experience both personal, with clients and friends – anyone who makes an amazing transformation over X weeks has put in YEARS of work to enable them to do so and there bodies will be in prime position to adapt and change.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 15.33.45

12 week progress … 10 years of work before hand

One week consistency isn’t enough, you have likely mistreated your body with sedentary living, alcohol, fad diets and poor diet for year and years so your body won’t be in a position to cooperate how you want straight away. It will take time, but with perseverance and dedication, it will come good and results will come.

Remember, giving up gets you no closer, so keep going. Set realistic expectations and enjoy each small goal as they accumulate to big changes

Happy Lifting

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