Maintainable FAT loss

Why FAD diets don’t work

The most common thing you hear when people want to lose weight is I’m doing this diet or that diet or whatever fad diet the latest fitness magazine is recommending. The first problem with this is they are all quick fixes! There is always a time frame which is usually very short as people want results fast, which is all well and good but it leads to the second problem…….. yo-yo dieting.

A fad diet usually leads to a quick drop in bodyweight, albeit probably not body fat (which should always be the goal) as calories are dropped extremely quick, from there typically what happens is the first week you get a big drop which quickly tapers off, you continue to follow the same diet and get very disheartened at the lack of weight loss regardless of efforts. This is where people tend to fall of the ‘diet’ and go back to regular eating patterns, and yo-yo dieting often begins.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 16.18.47.png

At this stage weight will shoot up usually very quickly and that 5-10 pounds you have lost is back PLUS more!! The you resort back to the fastest way you know how to drop weight, the one that ‘worked’ for the week, you were just unable to ‘maintain’ it, the very calorie restrictive diet – and the cycle continues, each time bodyweight will actually get higher than where you first started, not to mention the internal mess it leaves your body and hormones in.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 16.19.06.png

So how do you fix this issue?

Top tips for maintainable fat loss:

  • Make very small changes from the start such as cutting down alcohol to one night per week, swap sugary drinks for water, increase water intake to 2l per day minimum
  • Try get to the gym an extra once or twice per week, walk as much as possible increase your calorie expenditure, do not go from nothing to 40+ minutes each day
  • Tracking your calorie intake before you start to lose fat, this gives you a starting point, from this drop 100 calories per day across the week, this creates a 700 calorie deficit straight away without even noticing a reduction in food
  • Cut out any processed foods, stick to whole foods and prepare some meals to take to work so you don’t have to resort to ready made sandwiches or chocolate. They DON’T have to be boring and plain.

The key to progressive healthy FAT (not weight) loss is to make small increments on calorie expenditure (more exercise, more walking), along with slowly reducing the amount your eating. The most effective way to losing fat is the most simplest, take it slow and steady!!

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