Counting Macros Nutrients

How to split you macro nutrients?

This is totally individual there are no set macros you should be taking in and knowing what other people consume is completely irrelevant! You need to find YOUR starting point.

There will be a number of factors to consider before you establish your intake, bodyweight, activity, current calorie intake (past few weeks at least) and the quality of those calories (enough protein, fats, how much sugar etc)

Nutrition and macro basics!

A simple way to estimate your minimum intake would be to take your weight in pounds and add a 0, yes its not very scientific but it usually is around that using the different scientific equations e.g. 140lbs female would be a minimum of 1400 calories

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 17.00.34.png

Now you have calories you can work out roughly how much should be carbs, protein and fats. Firstly it’s important to note the calories content of each macro nutrient:

Protein4 calories per gram

Carbohydrates4 calories per gram

Fats9 calories per gram

So, to break macros down you should roughly use:

Protein – Bodyweight in pound x 1-1.2g e.g. 140lbs x 1g = 140g (140g x 4 cals = 560 cals

Fats – Total calories x 0.2-0.3g e.g. 1,400 x 0.3g – 420 cals (420 cals divided by 9 cals – 46g fat)

Carbs – Total cals minus calories for protein and fat e.g. 1400 – 420 cals fat – 560 cals protein = 420 cals divide by 4 cals = 105g carbs

This is a good guideline to establish a starting point, you can then aim to increase calories as much as possible, a good way to gage this is when muscle mass stops increasing and body fat starts to increase, you can then begin to pull calories back a little.

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