Hard Work Pays Off!

It’s not easy – nothing worth while is!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but hard work is a word that very few people actually understand when it comes to results, if you aren’t will to put a lot of it in, you won’t succeed – this applies to every aspect of life.

I’m not in anyway surprised by this as the social media and pretty much any fad is all based on results fast, in as little as weeks. Mix this with the amount of lies plastered over Facebook and Instagram – there is no wonder you’re disappointed with the progress you’ve made if you are comparing it to the all singing, all dancing transformations you scroll along every day.

There is a certain level of fallacy attached to those who have influence over so many in the fitness industry – very few of which actually show the difficulties and levels of hard work it takes to achieve the physique and health you, as their followers want. This then creates an unrealistic expectation for so many, when your progress doesn’t resemble there’s.

Unfortunately, we are all so different that some people have to work their asses off for very little results, some work hard and are genetically dispositioned for great change, it’s just the way it is. You can’t compare your journey to anyone’s as you have no idea how they have got to where they are, people allow a small snippet of what THEY want YOU to see, so focus on whatever YOU have to do to get to where you want to be!

Anyone who has achieved great success, whether in business, fitness etc. I guarantee they have given years dedication, thousands of training hours, high levels of sacrifice, commitment to nutrition and getting as educated as possible. Yes, they can transform there body in 12 weeks from being less lean, to super shredded but TRUST me that comes at a cost, is far from easy or pretty and would NOT be possible if it wasn’t for the years of commitment before.

You never see a world champion before they get that ‘big fight’, very few actually see what has gone into all that prep leading them to be champion.


Social media influence on fitness…

I think Instagram and social media is a great platform to learn and be inspired but it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, a picture can capture 1 second of reality, you have no idea what’s behind it, so you can’t compare yourself to anyone. You will only ever be you – an i don’t mean that in a cliche way, physiologically your abs, ass, legs, head etc. are the shape they are going to be, you can train them but you can make them look like someone else’s so just work with what you have.

If your going to look at anyone on social media, watch how they train, emulate their intensity levels, learn from their technique, then aim to improve the effort you put into your training and nutrition.

If you focus on your own life, working the hardest you can, being focused in all aspects results will come. Remember it takes HARD WORK, PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY! Apply all three of those and in time, you will be the one people are looking up too.

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