Choosing your Personal Trainer

Benefits of having a personal trainer!

Personal training is something I believe everyone should have – obviously there is a cost involved which doesn’t always make it possible, but I believe it has life changing benefits attached to it. I say that not only as a personal trainer but as a lifelong fitness enthusiast. I have seen the benefits affect so many and have encouraged all family and friends to have them too.

A great personal trainer can help you find your passion for fitness, learn h
ow to maximise your eff
rts in a time effective and safe way, help you achieve your goal health and image and transform your outlook in all areas of life by improving sleep, energy, mood, labido, fitness, mindset etc.

Having said that, there are entirely too many cowboy personal trainers in the industry. It now takes only 6 weeks to qualify as a level 3 PT, which teaches you the basics in very little depth. The turn around is crazy, tens of thousands of trainers with very little knowledge qualifying every year.

I write this blog, not as a PT who thinks he knows all, but as a passionate trainer committed to learning and helping as many clients as possible, who sees all to often clients being sold false promises only to be totally let down and form a tainted opinion of the fitness and pt industry.
It is not all bad however, the industry is also filled with passionate, knowledge thirsty, quality personal trainers, some of which I have had the pleasure to work with or learn from in some capacity.

This blog is designed to help you think harder when selecting a  trainer to handle your important goals and hard earned cash, so you can be confident the person you are interesting with your help is the right person for the job, not just a PT with a basic entry level qualification.


Things to consider when choosing your personal trainer…

Ask plenty of questions: quality personal trainers will welcome any and all questions, from talking about there experience and credentials to helping clients to learn and take the most from each sessions. Don’t be afraid to ask the things that are important to you.

Ask about education and experience: All quality personal trainers have at least one thing in common, commitment to education and further education and professional development, which they will be proud and more than happy to share with you to assure you they have the skill set to help you to achieve your goals

Training background: You wouldn’t trust a hairdresser with messy, greasy hair, so why trust a trainer who doesn’t practice what they preach? This doesn’t mean all personal trainers should have raging abs, none the less, trainers should be committed to training towards a certain goal and committed to a healthy balanced lifestyle whether yoga, golf, triathlon, cycling etc. Practice what you preach. After all, if someone has no idea of the process they are willing to take you through, how can they possibly understand or preach to you?

Ask about results – Personal trainers who have been working in the industry for 6-12 months plus, should be boasting a wealth of great results they have had with other clients, hopefully similar to your goals. Trainers who do will be proud to show them off and reassure you that with full adherence you to can achieve and emulate great results.

Can you help me – Quality trainers understand that all clients are different, if you have specific health issues, don’t be afraid to share them and question the trainer on how and if they have the skill set and/or experience to help.

With the right trainer by your side, who is as committed to your goals as you are, anything is possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so you can start your journey happy and confident and ready to put that work in.

Remember having a personal trainer isn’t a job done – we can give you the tools but it’s up to you to use them.

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