All of nothing

Starting back at the gym…

Too many people fail in their pursuit of finding happiness within their body image and health goals. Why? Because they start with the wrong mindset and approach, an ‘All or Nothing’ mentality.

If you start the gym it has to be on a Monday, if you don’t go 6 times a week you have failed, workouts have to be boring and full of tedious cardio, you can’t eat anything that has flavour or fills you up, you must cut out all rubbish straight away – one slip up is failure, and you must go t-total with alcohol along side your zero carb, low calorie plain chicken and soup filed diet.

Sound familiar?

This is the equivalent of a heroin addict going cold turkey and expecting not to find it hard and give in. Sounds extreme, I know – but let’s face it, the habits you currently have (eating takeaway, chocolate, sweets, lattes, missing meals, alcohol etc.) haven’t formed overnight, its something you will have been doing for
year. In which case you body will have adapted to it hormonally and mentally – so, it is almost like an addiction, something your body needs (or is at least trained to believe).

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 08.18.44.png

So having said that, is it really any surprise you can’t stick to this crazy approach and end up starting again every Monday, until you become so demotivated you give up for while. An addict will always be weened off their substance – given a lesser dose, then a lighter alternative, before then trying to give it up completely. This gives the body time to adapt, so if your body is use to very little exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle, why is it not sufficient enough to slowly build it to become more efficient and be healthier.
Let’s say you burn 300 cals in one workout and you decided to start out and train twice a week, whilst reducing alcohol by 500 cals over the week – this is far more manageable for you body to  initially handle, you have made a positive change and are 1100 cals better off as a results. You can then build on this and keep improving until eventually your good habits far outweigh the bad and you are winning

So, what’s my point…

Consistency is KEY! instead of expecting to change your set ways over night and keep yoyo training and dieting – 6 days one week, 3 the next, then nothing for two weeks – surely its more effective to start off 2-3 times a week CONSISTENTLY – which is more manageable and still more than you did before and then build on these habits. You are much more likely to succeed and most importantly, build life changing habits in the process.

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ – no step is a bad step, they all add up and the last one is as important to the journey as the one ahead. Stop trying to sprint the journey as fast as possible. Break it down into smaller battles then y
ou will eventually win the war and compete the journey – and not hate life during the process.

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